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Monday, August 21, 2006

Axe Library Adds New Services to It's Film Collection

The Axe Library, which in recent years has been adding titles to its budding
film collection, has added new services to assist patrons in finding what
they want.

Browsing Shelf
Since for security reasons the films are held behind
the circulation desk, the library staff has created a "browsing shelf"
right next to the "New Reference Books" shelf on the first floor of the
library. The covers have a description and a picture of the contents. A
patron looking for a film to use in class, do research or just for an
evening's entertainment can browse through the titles at his or her
leisure and after making a choice can go up to the circulation desk and
request the title. This does not include Government Documents films

Axe Library has a number of handouts to assist patrons in
finding a film of their choice. All are free of charge.
1. Circulating Films at Axe Library - Complete list (as of August,
2006) of all films in Axe Library, including Government Documents Films.
2. Friends of the Leonard H. Axe Video Collection - All films bought
with funds raised by the Friends. Includes annotatations.
3. How to Find Videocassettes, DVDs and Other Films in Axe Library -
This handout gives the patrons advice on tracking down our films in
our online catalog.

Online Films
Due to the generous donations from Annenberg Media
(1,545 films) and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
(100+ films) we have films available online free of charge. You can also
view them at home (no password is needed.) The Annenberg collection is
heavy on education, history and social science. The NARA collection has
vintage newsreels of pivotal events in American History (Japan's
surrender, Apollo 11). Use our "How to find Videocassettes..." handout or
just ask us to help you track them down.
- J.V.