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Monday, February 23, 2009

IM comes to the Reference Desk at Axe Library

This semester the Axe librarians are experimenting with a new way to talk to their users: instant messaging via an embedded chat widget on the Library's homepage and help pages.

People with questions about how to find a book, an article, or any information, can contact librarians in real time from right where they are at their computers.

The person does not need to have an IM account or any special knowledge about instant messaging. The widget has a space to type the query. The return key will send the question to the Reference Desk to be answered by whoever is on duty at the time. Queries will be answered directly. Articles or other documentation are typically emailed to the person.

The chat window will indicate the service as "online" or "offline." A link to the Reference Email is provided above the chat window so a question can be emailed when the service is offline. Hours that the chat service is available are 7:45-11 pm Monday-Thursday, 7:45-7 pm Friday, 9-4 Saturday and 3-11 on Sunday.

It's convenient and it's fun. Try it. We would like to chat with you. Find the Library chat window on the homepage at

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