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Friday, January 30, 2009

New Economics Journals For 2009

Axe Library has for several years subscribed to the Journal of Economic Literature and American Economic Review, both published by the American Economic Association. Axe Library strives to subscribe to journals and magazines which support the curriculum and research needs at Pittsburg State University. Beginning immediately, the Library will be providing electronic access to all of the following journals from the American Economic Association.

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

American Economic Review

Journal of Economic Literature

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Access to two other journals, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy and American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, will begin later in 2009.

As with all of Axe Library’s journals, you may search for them in Serials Solutions by going to the Axe Library home page and clicking on “Serials Solutions”. You may search for a specific journal title, title words, or browse by subject. Alternatively, you may search the Library’s online catalog by journal title or subject. In addition, if you are searching another database and find an article that you would like to access, click on the Article Linker and then click on Article. Whether the item is available electronically or in print, the source will be displayed in Article Linker.

If you wish to access the content of an online journal and you are off-campus or using a laptop with wireless access, you will be prompted for your GUS ID and PIN when accessing the content.

If you have any questions or comments about journals or databases, please do not hesitate to contact Axe Library at ext. 4884 or 4894.

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