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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Library Display Cases: A Way to Keep Abreast of College and National Events

Do you take an interest in national and international events? Would reading books, newspapers and magazines about them give you an idea for a report or speech.? Is it between terms and you find yourself with time on your hands to read? Then have a look at our library display cases. (First Floor Lobby and 2nd Floor Stacks.) If an event of interest comes up in the news or on campus, we gather our best books, magazines, government documents, films or web sites and put them on display for people to look at and, if they wish, take out. Everything in the cases, except for restricted items such as periodicals, is available to check out. We have covered the war in Iraq several times, and 9/11 at least three times. We cover elections, famous (or notorious) people, commemorative events, holidays and on campus events such as Alcohol Awareness Week. We occasionally cover Library events such as the Annual Gene DeGruson Memorial Lecture or the Annual Faculty Author Reception.

2nd Floor to be Dedicated to International Affairs and Culture

Dr. Ananda Jayawardhana, Associate Professor of Mathematics, recently approached the Library and asked us to set aside a display area dedicated to international themes. We promised him we would dedicate the second floor display area to this purpose. We just recently put a display up on African Art and Culture, which has many beautiful picture books on display about masks, sculpture and painting as well as pictures from web sites and online encyclopedias. However, when Dr. Jayawardhana informed us that the Chinese Student Association was celebrating the Chinese New Year on February 17, 2007 (Year of the Pig) at the First Church of the Nazarene, we made of a display on the first floor to honor Chinese Culture and History. We have pictures of Chinese New Year celebrations from New York City, two towns in California, London, Liverpool, Vancouver and Augusta, Georgia and books with Chinese fashions throughout the centuries, art, religion and food as well as material on China's new economic miracle.

In the future, we will announce all displays in our library newsletter. For more information, please contact Jane Victor.

- JV

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