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Friday, December 22, 2006

Google experiments with "searchmash"

For some time now, Google has been trying out their latest version of a new search interface called "searchmash". They are not branding it yet (nor adding Gooooooooogle adds [yet] ), but you can find them on the "Terms of Service" page if you look really hard.

You may still use the same search methods; plus signs, quotes, parentheses, tildes, etc. to pinpoint your search. It's all in the results, though. You may show or hide the descriptions, if you have a general idea of the URI you are looking for. The right hand side bar contains drop down results under the categories of "images", "Blogs", "Video", and (is there another takeover in the works?) "Wikipedia". Each category may be expanded to see six images or video thumbnails, or three selections from blogs and Wikipedia. At the bottom of each category is a link to see further results.

Your search hovers at the top of the screen as you scroll through the results. Another nice feature if you wish to edit your search. No more scrolling to the top or bottom of the page before refining your results.

At this point you are able to offer feedback, in the form of "this specific feature was helpful Y/N". Not a huge help, but perhaps in the future they will allow for written feedback, or at least some way to qualifying your impressions.

A text link to searchmash has temporarily been added to our "Search Engine Page", so give it a try!!

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