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Monday, November 06, 2006

Twenty-Third Faculty Author Reception

PSU authors will be honored at a reception at Axe Library on Thursday, November 9th at 3pm in the Library Browsing Area.

The reception, sponsored by Axe Library and the Friends of Axe Library, recognizes scholarly and creative works published during the past year. This year authors publishing books include Suzanne Arruda, Maeve Cummings, Donald Baack, and Mihail Ionescu.

Suzanne Arruda is being honored for her historical mystery novel, The Mark of the Lion.

Dr. Maeve Cummings’ well-known textbook Management Information Systems for the Information Age has come out in a new sixth edition. Another well received textbook, Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communication, by Dr. Donald Baack has been published in its 3rd edition. This year, The IMC PlanPro Handbook, a handbook and software to supplement the marketing book was also published. Rapra Technology has published Dr. Mihail Ionescu’s book, Chemistry and Technology of Polyols for Polyurethanes.

Also featured at this year’s reception is, Dr. John C. Ross, composer. His most recent composition, “Prelude and Caprice has been released as part of Melange, New Music for Piano. The reception will feature an audio version of Prelude and Caprice as well as other scores written by Dr. Ross.

Also being honored are PSU faculty who have published articles, papers, and other creative works. Their works are on display in the Browsing Area. These authors include Melvin Roush, Virginia Rider, Andrew Guo, Zoran Petrovic, Tomas Vlcek, Wei Zhang, Felix Dreher, Tatiana Sildus, Connie Shum, Thomas Hahn, Randy Winzer, Phil McNew, Kathleen DeGrave, Stephen Meats, Casie Hermansson, Laura Lee Washburn, Brenda Mishmash, John Daley, Stephen Harmon, Sergey Radchenko, Earl Lee, Robert Lindsey, Jane Victor, Eric Harris, Meltem Tugut, Ananda Jayawardhana, Cynthia Woodburn, Bobby Winters, Judy Berry-Bravo, David R. Hurley, Charles Blatchley, Don Ward, Browyn Conrad, Harry Humphries, Roy Janisch, James McBain, Donald Viney, Brenda Frieden, Richard Lipka, Joni Barnard, Gregory Belcher, and Robert Frisbee.

A bibliography of all published work, those displayed and others, will be available at the reception.