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Friday, May 09, 2008

"Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography" Now Online

The Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography is an excellent scholarly work, known for its accuracy and reliability. The Dictionary provides the history of science through the lives of scientists from antiquity to modern times. Scientists from all areas are included, particularly mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences. The biographies are extensive (1-5 or more pages) and focus on the scientific contribution the person made as well as their personal life. The keyword approach and use of the index allows for more than name searching. For example, searching for paleobotany brings up 16 paleobotantists from 8 countries as well as sections on paleobotany research, history and study and teaching. See references at the end of the article will link to other related entries on the person or topic.

John Frank Adams, a leading figure in algebraic topology
b. Woolwich U.K., 5 Nov 1930; d near Brampton U.K. 7 Jan 1989

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