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Friday, April 06, 2007

And...For those Folks Planning a Trip this Summer

The Reference Department has been busy this Spring (with the diligent assistance of the Government Documents Department, whose assistants have eagerly helped us every step of the way) writing to tourist boards, chambers of commerce and other organizations who assist travelers. We have asked them to send us maps, brochures, guidebooks or other publications. They have obliged us by providing abundant material which is bursting out of the filing cabinets of our Description and Travel collection (Located to the left of our first floor photocopy machine). We have brochures and maps from the individual states, such as Ohio, Maine, North and South Carolina and from individual cities, such as New York City, Tucson, Phoenix, Dallas and many others. We also received material from every province in Canada (want to go to Nunavut this summer?) and many other countries, large (China) and small (Malaysia) as well as from island nations in the Caribbean and the South Pacific. And the materials haven’t stopped coming in.

If you are traveling this summer and need some material, just drop by the Library or give reference a call at 235-4894. All of the maps, brochures and guidebooks can be checked out and taken on your trip. Also, since we have a lot of duplicates, ask us to let you look at them before you leave. We’ll give them to you free of charge.

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